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How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

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Reecy Aresty
How To Pay For College Without Going Broke

Getting Into College and Paying For It

It has never been more competitive or more expensive to get into college. There are simply far more qualified applicants than there are desks in all of America’s colleges and universities. As a result, more qualified students are rejected every year or fail to apply to their preferred colleges due to the excessive cost.  In fact, the highest debt category in America is now student loans replacing credit cards and health care debt!

High school guidance counselors do their best to prepare students for college, and most provide expert career counseling.  Once or twice a year, they invite college guest speakers to acquaint parents with the financial aid forms, federal loans, and federal grants for very low income families.  However, qualifying for maximum financial aid is rarely, if ever, discussed.

While these programs are certainly informative, the loyalties of Financial Aid Officers (FAO’s) are with their schools, not their students. After all, higher education is a business, a very profitable business. Much like employers looking to hire the most skilled applicants for the least amount of compensation, FAO’s seek the brightest students for the least amount of financial aid. They are as likely to discuss maximizing financial aid as IRS agents are to discuss tax-saving strategies.
Virtually all colleges simply deduct private scholarship funds from the amount of financial aid they have awarded. Thus, the scholarship, intended to benefit the student, actually benefits the schools. As the future of any great nation is dependent on the education of its youth, responsible individuals must do all they can to help America's college and college-bound families.
About Reecy Aresty

For the past 35 years, College Admissions/Financial Aid Expert, Reecy Aresty, author of the critically acclaimed parent/student manual, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke, has helped thousands of college and college-bound families to obtain the American Dream; a superior education at a cost far less than they ever dreamed possible.

Reecy and his staff present college funding seminars coast to coast, and he maintains a national presence through radio and TV interviews. He has also been featured in some of the country’s most respected publications including Money Magazine, US News & World Report, Bloomberg News, The Chicago Sun Times (Terry Savage), and The Washington Post.

Founder and President of Payless For College in Boca Raton, Florida, Reecy welcomes the opportunity to guide college and college-bound families safely through the often turbulent and confusing journey of the user-unfriendly Admissions/Financial Aid process, showing them how to survive and master it.  To that end, Payless For College offers these informative, eye-opening seminars absolutely free as a community service, and awards students for helping to arrange these free programs at their high schools. (Contact us by email for details.)
Our seminars separate fact from fiction, focus on the financial issues of paying for college, and offer time proven tips on getting in guaranteeing students that all-important edge at application time.  They are primarily designed to help parents understand and implement the legal financial tools that will guarantee to dramatically reduce the sky-high cost of college by qualifying them for maximum financial aid.

Seminar Highlights
•   How to submit applications and all the rest of the student’s paperwork so admissions committees will stand up and take notice!
•   How any family, regardless of income or assets, can qualify for thousands in financial aid!
•   How to correctly complete and submit the FAFSA and/or CSS Financial Aid Profile!
•   How to legally avoid the 20% assessment on student assets!
•   How divorced or separated parents can legally cut the cost of college by as much as 90%!
•   How Coverdell’s and 529 Plans can be the best investment for the colleges – not your family!
•   How to prevent a private scholarship from going into the bank account of your alma mater!
•   How small business owners can take advantage of the unique financial aid bonanza they never knew existed!
•   How to appeal unappealing financial aid offers & negotiate for maximum financial aid!
•   And so much more including an extremely comprehensive Q&A.
Click the link below to watch a short video of excerpts from Reecy’s interview on CN8-TV Philadelphia, with Emmy Award winning journalist, Mary Caraccioli:
College Tips With Reecy Aresty

Payless For College offers families its complete resources, and Reecy and his staff welcome your call.  Each family who attends the seminar receives a free eBook, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke.  It is our goal to help prevent you from becoming a statistic by overpaying for your children’s higher education.
We are now scheduling seminars for the remainder of the year and the beginning of 2015.  If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact David Abrams at:
561.451.0111  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.